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Picture"Although this program gives me an edge when applying to grad school, I place more value on al the friendships I have made with our Certifieds, Student Trainers, and the athletes that I have met and worked with. It's thro ugh these people that I learned  the importance of patient education, holding yourself responsible for your own education by asking questions, the value o f turning each mistake into a learning experience, and having fun while doing what you love." - Sarah Block 


"The three main aspects of sports medicine - prevention, diagnosis, and treatment - are preparing me for a healthcare career. " - Allie Lattanzio


Smidt getting tape  "It's great being a previous athlete taking care of athletes - it makes the love for the sport and the people I work with that much greater.  The sports medicine program has much more to offer than just the experience - it offers life lessons to everyone involved." - Ben Humbert






Lori checking Stone's ankle



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