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2016-17 Permanent Collection Gallery

These works will be displayed in the Permanent Collection Gallery for the 2016-17 academic year:

1. Sven Birger Sandzén, Creek at Moonrise (Wild Goose Creek, Graham County, Kansas), 1931, Oil on canvas. 1931.1

2. Unknown (China), Guanyin (Goddess of Mercy), 20th century, Jade. 1994.15.21a,b,c

3. Willem Pietersz de Leeuw, The Hunt of the Hippopotamus & the Crocodile, 1650, Engraving. 1995.10 

4. John James Audubon, Whippoorwill, 1830, Hand-colored engraving. 1996.24

5. After Raphael; Drawn by Joseph Cades; Engraved by Johannes Volpato, School of Athens, 18th century; after c. 1509 fresco in the Stanza della Segnatura, Vatican, Engraving. 1997.27.18

6. Don Boyd, Fluxus Cowboy, 1998, Mixed media assemblage. 1998.7

7. After Thomas Cole; Engraved by James Smillie, The Voyage of Life: Youth, 1849; after 1842 painting, Hand-colored engraving. 1998.12

8. Winslow Homer, The Army of the Potomac. A Sharpshooter on Picket Duty, from 15 November 1862 Harper’s Weekly, Wood engraving. 1999.1

9. After William Powell Frith; Engraved by Francis Holl, The Railway Station, 1866, Engraving on white wove paper. 2000.12

10. Francisco de Goya, Linda Maestra! from Los Caprichos, c. 1799, Etching with aquatint. 2000.18

11. Unknown (Classical Greece; Apulia, Italy), Apulian Red-Figure Dish with Dancing Female Figure, c. 330 BCE, Ceramic. 2000.55

12. Roy Lichtenstein, Crak!, 1964, Offset color lithograph on white wove paper. 2000.59

13. Unknown (Wesphalia, Germany), A Crowned Saint, c. 1480, Carved oak with vestigial traces of polychrome. 2000.65

14. Wedgwood, Portland Vase, 1789, Ceramic. 2000.66

15. Unknown (Roman Empire; Syria), Free-Blown Glass Bowl, 4th-early 5th c. CE, Glass with later encrustations. 2001.8

16. Unknown (Roman Empire; Eastern Mediterranean), Free-Blown Glass Double Cosmetic Tube, 4th c. CE, Glass with later encrustations. 2001.9

17. Pablo Picasso, Yan Face, 1963 (Madoura, Edition Picasso 99/300), Painted red earthenware pitcher. 2001.10

18. Romare Bearden, Sorcerer’s Village, 1972, Color screen print. 2001.26

19. Martin Schongauer, Christ on the Mount of Olives from The Passion, c. 1480, Engraving in black ink on cream-colored paper. 2002.11

20. Paul Gauguin, Manao Tupapau (Watched by the Spirits of the Dead), 1894-95, Woodcut. 2004.8

21. Fannie Nampeyo Polacca, Polychrome Ashtray, c. 1940, Ceramic, hand-coiled, traditional open pit firing.  2005.1.38

22. Edward S. Curtis, The Potter, Plate 426 from The North American Indian, published 1922.  2005.1.264aa

23. Iris Youvella Nampeyo, Pot with Corn Design, n.d., Ceramic. 2005.2.1

24. Thomas Hart Benton, Sunday Morning, 1939, Lithograph. 2005.9

25. David Moreno, Untitled, 1991, Matchsticks, silk cloth, commercially-printed text, tempera, collage on canvas. 2005.11

26. Bror Hjorth, Pastor Lars P. Esbjörn, the Pioneer Swedish Lutheran Pastor in America, c. 1960, Gold paint and tempera on carved wood. 2005.20

27. Unknown (Mayan), Bowl with Four-Footed Base, Black and Red Painted Design of Warrior in Center, 7th-8th c. CE, Ceramic. 2005.30.1

28. Unknown (Mississippian Caddo), Large Bowl with Band of Incised Design, c. 1600, Ceramic. 2005.30.19

29. Eadweard Muybridge, Plate 621 from Animal Locomotion, 1887, Colotype. 2006.18

30. Norman Rockwell, Ours…to Fight For – Freedom from Want, 1943, Reproduction offset lithograph poster. 2006.32c

31. Antonio da Trento, Augustus and the Tiburtine Sibyl, c. 1528, Chiaroscuro woodcut. 2007.3

32. Unknown (Early Tang Dynasty), Straw-Glazed Pottery Equestrian Figure, Younger Woman, 7th c., Cast ceramic. 2007.24a

33. Unknown (Early Tang Dynasty), Straw-Glazed Pottery Equestrian Figure, Older Woman, 7th c., Cast ceramic. 2007.24b

34. Charmae Shields Natseway Acoma, Star-Shaped Seed Pot and Stopper with Lizard Motifs, n.d., Hand-coiled, gas-fired ceramic. 2008.18a,b

35. Walter Crane, Flora’s Feast: A Masque of Flowers, 1889, Printed book. 2010.26

36. Maria Sibylla Merian, Plate IX from Erucarum Ortus Alimentum et Paradoxa Metamorphosis, published posthumously, c. 1718, Engraving. 2010.34

37. Maria Sibylla Merian, Plate 50 from Erucarum Ortus Alimentum et Paradoxa Metamorphosis, published posthumously, c. 1718, Hand-colored engraving. 2010.36

38. After Édouard Manet; Print by Jacques Villon, L’Olympia, 1926, Color aquatint on paper backed with parchment. 2010.54

39. Unknown (Chile), Arpillera (Three Houses and Figures Picking Fruit from Trees), c. 1974-1990, Appliqué. 2010.61.2

40. Unknown (Chile), Arpillera (Repression [Following the Coup, Hundreds of Bodies Were Thrown into the Mapocho River after Being Tortured]), c. 1974-1990, Appliqué. 2010.61.11

41. Unknown (Chile), Arpillera (Donde estan? [Where Are They?]), c. 1974-1990, Appliqué. 2010.61.6

42. Nampeyo, Winged Katsina Tile, c. 1890, Ceramic. 2012.10

43. Adelle Nampeyo, Low Pot with Migration Style Design and Swinging Red Points Painted Between Wings, n.d., Ceramic, hand-coiled and outdoor-fired. 2013.7.2

44. Guerrilla Girls, If You’re Raped…, Poster. 1992. 2016.6ll

45. Carl Einar Fredriksson, Harbor View, Stockholm, 1922, Oil on canvas. Sam and Ann Charters Collection. 2013.18.42

46. Hans Lanner, Home, mid 1990s, Acrylic on canvas. Sam and Ann Charters Collection. 2013.18.73

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