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Augustana students continue to have questions related to loans after graduation or leaving Augustana.  The Financial Aid Office wants to continue to be a resource for students as they transition to another school (graduate or undergraduate institution) and/or the workplace. We have created access to a number of resources we hope students utilize when questions arise regarding their loans.   The listed resources may be a benefit to students as they enter repayment (and beyond) of their student loans :

  • NSLDS - Provides access to Exit Counseling, loan balances and servicer information
  • Loan Servicer Information - Lists Direct Loan Service Centers and their contact information
  • Repayment Options - A list of repayment options available to students
  • Deferment and Forbearance - Explains these options and when students may be eligible to use them
  • Delinquency and Default - How to avoid delinquency and default and consequences of both
  • Tax Benefits Available to Student Borrowers

Other valuable resources are found on the following sites:

Federal Student Aid

Direct Loan Exit Counseling

These resources will be useful whether students are entering repayment or well into repayment.  As always, we invite students to contact the Financial Aid Office with questions.