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Grades for summer session are due at noon on Monday, June 30, 2013 for courses ended on June 27. All other grades are due 4 days after the conclusion of the course. Grades will be posted to Arches by August 5, 2013.

Pass-No Credit Option: During summer school, a student may elect to take one course under the Pass-No Credit option. Petitions must be filled out in the Office of the Registrar. Students may exercise the Pass-No credit option during the first week of the session. Instructors will turn in grades of A+ through F for all students. In those instances where students have elected the Pass-No Credit option, grades will be converted A+ through C grades into P, and C-through F grades into NC.  It is recommended that a student considering the Pass-No Credit option refer to the College Catalog for the complete set of guidelines for its use.

Summer Graduation for Summer Session is August 4.

Grades will be posted August 5.

For other grading questions please see our Grading Policies.