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Summer Programs

At Augustana College, learning does not take a break for the summer; rather it becomes even more enriching and individualized. Many of our continuing students will be engaged in research alongside faculty members. In addition, we offer a wide variety of learning opportunities for students of all ages.


Summer Academy

• Just for high school students

• More than a dozen courses to choose from

During the day students will be involved in hands-on, experiential learning. At night they will stay in Swanson Hall, our newest residence. Each evening they'll gather for a variety of activities. Summer Academy will create a village of curious students who want to push their knowledge to a higher level... and have fun!

August Experiences

Physical Geology of the Rocky Mountains

First-year students interested in the natural sciences, environmental issues or a good outdoor challenge won't want to miss this 3,000-mile camping trip to study the complex relationships of different rock types and structures in some of our country's most inspiring landscapes.

Summer courses

• For continuing and visiting students

These classes — more than 70 of them — are primarily for continuing students from Augustana. However, students from other colleges and non-degree seeking students also are welcome. Most of the courses are taught on campus in June. However, there is a wide assortment of classes — with variation in dates and locations.