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Trimester Away Programs (Fall, Winter or Spring)


Augustana has been a leader in faculty-led trimester away experiences since the 1970's.

Trimester away programs include a variety of courses in different fields, allowing students to earn graduation requirements while studying with Augustana faculty abroad, local faculty or both.  These programs are typically offered either annually (internship programs) or every three years (study programs) and are open to Sophomores, Juniors and Seniors. 

Most Trimester abroad programs in the Fall and Spring are for a 10 week stay, while Winter Trimester programs typically include 5 weeks of coursework on campus in November and December and 5-7 weeks overseas in January and February.

All Augustana Trimester Abroad Programs are Augie Choice eligible and all are considered Learning Communities.

  2017-2018 Programs                          2018-2019 Programs                      
Fall Internships in Denver Fall Internships in Denver
Fall Internship in New York City Fall Internships in New York City

Fall Semester Internships in D.C.

Fall Semester Internships in D.C.
Fall Term in Brazil Fall Term in Siena, Italy
Fall Term in London Winter Internships in Australia 
Fall Term in Sevilla, Spain Spring Internships in Denver
Winter Internships in Australia Spring Internships in New Zealand
Winter Term @ Holden Village Spring Semester Internships in D.C.
Winter Term in West Africa Spring Term in Amsterdam
Spring Semester Internships in D.C.
Spring Internships in Denver
Spring Internships in New Zealand 

Five Benefits of a Trimester Away Program

1. All standard Augustana Financial Aid you would receive for a term will travel with you.

2. Because you are replacing a term on campus with a term abroad the overall cost can be lower than any other program type.

3. Trimester Away programs offer a wide range of courses and are open to all majors.

4. All Trimester Abroad Programs are Learning Communities in the Augustana General Ed. Program.

5. Trimester programs of 10+ weeks can provide the deepest immersion experience.

 For All Programs: 

Eligibility requirements may vary. Applications are open to all current Augustana sophomores, juniors, or seniors in solid academic standing (2.00 GPA minimum, 2.50 for exchanges).  Augie Choice funds are available to students following completion of 60 academic credits (typically first available for the summer after the sophomore year.)  Additionally, some programs permit students to utilize Augie Choice as sophomores.  Program sites are subject to change and may or may not be repeated in future years.