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Vietnam (Winter 2014-2015)

Vietnam is so much more than you've heard.  Find out for yourself in Winter 2014-2015.


Inside a Temple (R. Warmke--2011-12 Participant)The program at a glance: Vietnam is an exciting destination for a U.S. college student. This international learning community draws upon multiple disciplines - political science, literature, economics, business, and history among them - offering students a rich interdisciplinary context in which to study Vietnam.

You will spend December on campus, preparing for your travel and beginning coursework in each of the program's 4 courses. Then in January you will fly to Vietnam, where you will stay in Vietnam's three major cities: Hanoi, its capital; Ho Chi Minh City, its economic hub; and Hue, its cultural center. The three cities will provide us with rich cultural opportunities, access to inexpensive and exciting food, arts and crafts from a culture different from our own, historical sites that we have seen in Vietnam literature, history and film, and more. We will experience Vietnam as the site of a still provocative "American War," as a setting for vivid and important American and Vietnamese literature, as a quickly developing Asian economy, and as an evolving political experiment.

Courses: Students on the 2014-2015 Vietnam Term must register for all 4 courses offered on the program.  This program counts as a Learning Community (LC).  

  • ISS Seminar: Introduction to the Culture of Vietnam - 1 credit: Dr. A. Ericson
  • PSYC 471: Cross-Cultural Psychology (PS): Dr. A. Baugous.
  • WL 310: Vietnamese Literature (PL): Ms. K. Hanson
  • BUSN 367: From War to Doi Moi:  Vietnam's Economic Liberalization (PH): Dr. A. Ericson

In the Rice Fields (R. Warmke 2011-12 Participant)

Program Dates: December 2014-February 2015  (In Vietnam January-February 2015)

Cost:  $14,250 (Tentative)  With Augie Choice and on-campus housing (see below) this program is expected to cost between $1,000-$1,500  less than a full term on campus.

Costs include:  Airfare, Lodging, Group meals, inter-city and intra-city transportation, visas, excursions, entry to museums & sites, international health insurance.

Costs do not include: Individual meals, discretionary spending, on-campus housing for December (Students who live on campus during the 2014-2015 academic year must pay 50% of Winter Term room and meal plan for the December portion of this program.  This is currently estimated at $1,570 but will vary depending on the housing and meal plan option you have chosen.)


 For more information, contact the program director, Dr. Ann Ericson


Because this program is on a 3 year rotation, funds from Augie Choice are available for this program to any student with Sophomore status at the time of the program departure.