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Sri Lanka: Buddhism & Ecology Short LC Program

Study the intersection of Buddhism and Ecology in one of the world's biological hotspots,the island nation of Sri Lanka.

The Sri Lanka program offers students a rare glimpse at a different perspective on the environment and our place in it.  Students will study Buddhism and Applied Ecology while on campus during Spring term before flying to Sri Lanka to visit the monasteries, temples and national parks which bring together the spiritual practices of Buddhism and the conservation efforts of one of the world's great sites for biodiversity.  Students will spend 3 weeks in Sri Lanka, traveling from the coast through the mountains and into the rainforest as they visit sites of great beauty, deep religious meaning and immense biodiversity.


Academics: This program is designed as a 6-credit Learning Community with two interwoven courses:

Religion 366 (PH): Buddhism  (Taught by Dr. N. Salgado)

Biology 385 (PN): Applied Ecology (Taught by Dr. B. Dziadyk)

This program requires no prerequisite Religion or Biology courses and is open to all students in their sophomore, junior or senior year. 

Seniors should pay attention to the timing of this program.  Senior students who need any portion of this coursework in order to complete degree requirements may not graduate in the spring. They must apply as a summer graduate, but can choose to participate in the commencement ceremony if they wish. Contact the Registrar for your questions. 

Cost: $5,525 (Tentative).  Cost is all-inclusive:  Airfare, ground transportation, lodging, 3 meals daily, health insurance and all site visit entry fees.  The only out-of-pocket expected would be discretionary spending (snacks, souvenirs, etc.)

Financial Aid:  As this program does not include tuition charges, only travel expenses, financial aid for the Spring Term cannot be applied to the program costs.  These costs are in addition to the tuition and room/board charges for the term of the program.

This program is Augie Choice eligible for all students who have completed 6 terms or 60 credits (junior status) or higher at the time of departure, including those completing their 6th term in the Spring of 2015.  Transfer students who have also completed 3 terms or 30 credits at Augustana, including those completing a 3rd term in the Spring of 2015, are also eligible for the Augie Choice grant.

Contact: If you have questions about this program, please contact either of the program faculty, Dr. Nirmala Salgado (Religion) or Dr. Bohdan Dziadyk (Biology)