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2016 South Africa LC Program

Sports & Society in South Africa

A Spring Term Augustana Learning Community*

with a 2 week summer field experience in South Africa.



Study the relationship between sports and society on campus during the Spring Trimester and then fly to South Africa to see for yourself how athletics can be used to support education and awareness of social issues.  The program includes field work with Grassroots Soccer, a non-profit dedicated to the use of sports (soccer) to advance health care education to the population of South Africa.  The program will visit Cape Town, Johannesburg and the Kruger National Park. This program is open to all Augustana students and is highly recommended for students interested in the fields of Africana Studies, History and Women's & Gender Studies.

Program Contacts: For more information, contact Dr. Eric Stewart (Religion) or Dr. Todd Cleveland (History)

Eligibility: This program is available to any student with a 2.00 GPA or higher and with sophomore standing or higher at the time of departure.

Program Cost: A tentative charge of $4,000 has been set.  This is based on a student group of 20 participants.  A final fee for the program will be announced in the Winter of 2014-2015. 

The program fee includes round trip airfare, accomodations, food allowance, ground transportation, and international health insurance.  The program fee does not include discretionary spending.

Financial Aid:  As this program does not include tuition charges, only travel expenses, financial aid for the Spring Term cannot be applied to the program costs.  These costs are in addition to the tuition and room/board charges for the term of the program.

This program is Augie Choice eligible for all students who have completed 6 terms or 60 credits (junior status) or higher at the time of departure, including those who complete their 6th term in the Spring of 2016.  Transfer students who have also completed 3 terms or 30 credits at Augustana, including those completing a 3rd term in Spring 2016, are also eligible for the Augie Choice grant.

Courses: This program is made up of two 3-credit courses scheduled for Spring Term 2016.  All participants must enroll in both courses.  Doing so will grant all students Learning Community credit for the program (pending approval).  The courses included in this program are:

History 142 (PP,G): History of Sports in Africa.  Taught by Dr. Cleveland

Women's & Gender Studies 380: Special Topics: Gender & Sport.  Taught by Dr. Stewart

Seniors should pay special attention to the timing of this program. Senior students who require any of the coursework of this program to graduate will not graduate as of Spring 2015.  They must apply as a summer graduate, but can choose to participate in the spring commencement ceremony if they wish.  Contact the Registrar with any questions regarding graduation standing.

* LC Status is pending approval of the General Education Committee.  Approval is expected in Fall of 2014.