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Business in Russia (Spring 2014)

Be a part of the first Augustana program to visit Russia.

This program consists of a 10-week course in Business Administration, BUSN 327 Consumer Behavior, which will be taught on campus during the Spring 2014 term, followed by a 2-week immersion experience in Russia. The program, led by Professor Nadia Novotorova of Augustana's business administration department, will spend 4-6 days in Moscow followed by 8-10 days in Nizhny Novgorod (the fifth largest city in Russia, located a few hours to the southeast of the capital along the Volga river), where they will be the guests of the Nizhny Novgorod Institute of Management and Business.


Program contact: Dr. Nadia Novotorova

Academics: Students in this program will be enrolled in a 3-credit course on Consumer Behavior through the Business Admin. Department during the Spring Term of 2014.  Grades for the course will be completed during the summer of 2014, following the travel portion of the course.

Seniors should pay particular attention to the timing of this program.  Senior students who need any portion of this coursework in order to complete degree requirements may not graduate in the spring. They must apply as a summer graduate, but can choose to participate in the commencement ceremony if they wish. Contact the Registrar for your questions. 

Eligibility: This program is primarily designed for Business majors and does have a prerequisite of BUSN 321: Marketing. Students from other majors or those who willnot complete BUSN 321 prior to Spring of 2014 should seek permission of the instructor (Dr. Novotorova) before applying.

Program costs:  Estimated program cost for Spring/Summer 2014 is $3,950. 

This cost is tentative at this time and can be affected by changes to program design, group size or airfare costs. The program fee includes round trip airfare Chicago-Moscow, ground transportation, accomodations, excursions, site visits, museum entry fees, health insurance and most meals. Some meals and participant discretionary spending is not included. 

This program is open only to full-time Augustana students.

Funds from Augie Choice are available for this program to any student with junior status (60 credits or more) at the time of the program departure. Students must apply for Augie Choice at least 60 days prior to the program departure.