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Fall Term in Brazil

Explore Brazil through Music, Art & Politics

The 2014 Fall Term in Brazil gives you the rare opportunity to explore one of the hemisphere's most dynamic countries through its people, its arts and its politics.  Students will study for 5 weeks on campus in August and September before traveling to Brazil to finish the term in Rio de Janeiro and Salvador de Bahia, two of the South American nation's most energetic cities. 

This program offers students the chance to live with a Brazilian family, to meet artists and musicians, to delve into the issues driving it into the forefront of 21st Century economics and global trade, and learn a little samba along the way.  Courses will be offered in Political Science, Art and Latin American Studies (Emphasis on Music) and all students will earn an LC as part of the program.

Calendar:  August-November 2015 (October-November in Brazil)

Academics:  All students must enroll for the 3 three-credit courses offered as well as the 1-credit ISS Seminar on Brazilian culture.

POLS 346: Democracy in Brazil (PS, G), taught by Dr. M. Magalhaes

ART 343: Art of the Americas (PA), taught by Dr. R. Schussheim-Anderson

LTAM 3xx: Listening Brazil: Popular Music in Context (PL), taught by Dr. A. Masterson

ISS 311: Brazil Seminar (1-credit)

Cost:  2014 Program Fee:  $14,900 (Tentative)

Fees include: Airfare, aground and intercity transportation, group meals, museum & site entry fees, visa and international health insurance.

Fees do not include:  Individual meals and discretionary spending.


For more information, contact the program director, Dr. Mariano Magalhaes

Applications for the 2014 Program will be available in November of 2013.