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A Rich History of Study Abroad

At Augustana College we encourage every student to explore the opportunities of our international study programs. We have been offering Augustana-specific study abroad programs since the 1970's and currently 40% of all Augustana students participate in a study abroad program.  This number does not even include the many students who travel overseas with Augustana athletic teams, music ensemble tours, co-curricular organizations and other sponsored travel programs. 

 Below are some of the highlights of over 40 years of Augustana Study Abroad Programs

Multi-country Study Terms:  Augustana has been running multiple-country programs since the mid 1970's including frequent travel to East Asia (Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong, China), Europe (Britain, France, Germany, Italy) and Latin America (Mexico, Peru, Argentina, Brazil, Ecuador, Costa Rica).  These programs can take as many as 110 students per trip on multiple city programs that offer students a breadth of exposure to divergent ecosystems, political systems, languages and cultures.

Summer Language Immersion Programs:   Augustana language students have always had the opportunity to hone their skills through language immersion, including our Summer Spanish in the Andes program, now over 25 years old; Summer School in Sweden, Summer French in Dijon and Summer German in Eichstatt.  Students spend anywhere from 4-10 weeks in country, immersed in the language of study.

Focused Foreign Terms:  Created in the mid-nineties, these programs center on a single nation or a single city as their focal point, allowing students depth of exposure and a true sense of belonging.  Past programs have included study in Austria, India, Ghana, Vietnam and Ireland.

Break Abroad Programs:  These programs offer students the chance to combine campus courses with field work overseas.  In some cases the courses are self-contained Spring break service learning, in others classes on campus use out-of-country travel to highlight and expand upon material from the classroom.  Past and current programs include study of Religion in Rome, Childhood Development in Guatemala, and Service Learning in Nicaragua for pre-health students.

Internships:  Snce 2007, Augustana students have held internships in Sydney, Australia. Each year over 20 students participate in this program.   This program has now expanded to include summer internships in London and may soon be branching out to other venues across the globe.