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Break & Short Programs

Study on campus, then travel with your classes during break.

Short Programs enhance the classroom experience with field work around the world.

Break & Short Programs may be a single course or a pair of courses (a learning community) where coursework is held at our Rock Island campus during a standard Winter or Spring trimester and is followed by a travel program during inter-term break in February or during the first weeks of summer.  Travel is between 10 days and 3 weeks for these programs and the courses which were begun on campus continue and finish while students are away.

These popular programs allow students to have a focused study abroad experience without impacting abiility to participate in academic and co-curricular pursuits during the standard trimesters of the academic year.  Most short programs operate on either an annual or biennial schedule.

All Augustana Break & Short Programs are Augie Choice eligible and many qualify as considered Learning Communities.




Winter LC - Guatemala Winter LC - Guatemala Winter LC - Guatemala
Winter LC - India Winter LC - Norway Winter LC - India
Winter LC - Jamaica Spring LC - Greece Winter LC - Jamaica
Spring LC - the Alps Healthcare SL - Nicaragua Spring LC - the Alps
Spring LC - Berlin Spring LC - Camino de Santiago
Spring LC - Camino de Santiago

Spring LC - Leipzig

Spring LC - Leipzig Spring LC - Rome
Spring LC - Rome Healthcare SL - Nicaragua
Healthcare SL - Nicaragua

Programs for 2018-2019 will be finalized in Fall 2017.  Some locations may not be offered.

Five Reasons to Consider a Short or Break Travel Program

1. Students with highly-structured majors do not need to miss a term of required on-campus courses.

2. Athletes can travel without disrupting their seasons or training schedules.

3. Students unfamiliar with international travel can experience another country without a long-term commitment.

4. Nearly all Short Programs are designated Learning Communities within Augustana's General Education system.

5. Short programs often target a specific field of study or major for in-depth experiences.

 For All Programs: 

Eligibility requirements may vary. Applications are open to all current Augustana sophomores, juniors, or seniors in solid academic standing (2.00 GPA minimum, 2.50 for exchanges).  Augie Choice funds are available to students following completion of 60 academic credits (typically first available for the summer after the sophomore year.)  Additionally, some programs permit students to utilize Augie Choice as sophomores.  Program sites are subject to change and may or may not be repeated in future years.