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Student Employment Information

Student employment information and resources

Contact: - Student Employment and Campus Internships

For students

  • on campus student employees
  • students participating in credit and non-credit internships
  • students participating in service learning, job shadowing and volunteering within our community

       Student Employee Handbook

       Student Employee Confidentiality Acknowledgement Agreement form

For supervisors

  • college employees supervising student workers
  • department chairs using students for grading
  • community partners welcoming our students into your businesses and schools

       Supervisors Handbook


FERPA and Campus Privacy Practices

Confidentiality of information is a top priority. This is to comply with the Federal Education Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) and to protect student and employee privacy through our own institutional policies. Protected information addressed by law and our policies applies not only to currently enrolled students but also to in-coming first-year and transfer students, former students, graduates, alumni and Augustana employees.


Many student employees will come into contact with protected and private information in the course of their job duties. Some of these records include grades, transcripts, test scores, evaluations, resumes, letters of recommendation, salary offers or ranges, financial information, billing records, as well as personal notes and messages to or about students or employees. Although every effort will be made to limit such contact, it is inevitable. Students on occasion may be left alone to staff an office.


Files or other materials containing protected information may be accessed by a student employee only under the direct supervision by a permanent Augustana employee. Record access is only to be done for official college business. Students will be trained by a qualified staff member regarding what information may be accessed, what if any information may be provided to third parties and what information may not be shared.