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Co-Curricular Transcript Guide

A co-curricular transcript is a record of a student's co-curricular and extra-curricular activities with some level of college verification. Having a transcript of your co-curricular activities will provide an easy way to track and communicate the good work you've done outside the classroom.

The Augustana Co-Curricular Transcript has five distinct sections:

Academic enrichment

Awards, honors and scholarships

Campus leadership

College involvement*

Community Service*

Individual activities will be categorized under one of these sections. For example if you are the vice president of the Student Government Association, that will be recorded on your co-curricular transcript under campus leadership.

* Comunity Service and some aspects of college involvement will be self-reported by students.

How do I use a co-curricular transcript?

It depends where you are in your Augustana experience. You will use your co-curricular transcript in different ways as you progress from a first-year student through applying for your first job, an internship, graduate school, or wherever life takes you after Augustana.

In its most basic function, the co-curricular transcript is a tool to help you keep track of your campus involvement and community service. It's a showcase of your experiential learning outside of the credit-bearing curriculum. However, the co-curricular transcript is not intended to be a stand-alone document. The power of the co-curricular transcript comes from your reflection on the impact these experiences have on you, your skill set, and your learning.

For more information on how you can use your co-curricular transcript:

For First year Students

For Sophomores

For Juniors

For Seniors

For Transfer Students

How do I access and/or modify my co-curricular transcript?

Students and alumni (starting with the graduating class of 2014) access their co-curricular transcript through ARCHES.