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The Religion Department at Augustana serves at least four different types of majors who have distinct goals, careers, and vocational interests.

  • Pre-professionals

The study of religion equips professionals well: cultural sensitivity, critical thinking, ethical reflection all serve the needs of those who encounter the public in a professional capacity. The best doctors know how to handle the ethical concerns of their religious patients; the best educators are sensitive to the cultural backgrounds of their diverse students; the best politicians think critically about the role of religions in international relations. All of these professionals would be well served by studying religion:

    • Medicine
    • Law or public policy
    • Social Work
    • Education
    • Business Administration
    • International Relations
    • Politics and Public Relations
    • Non-profit agencies or non-governmental organizations (NGO)

  • Religious institution pre-professionals

Many students want to work in churches or other religious institutions. Studying religion at Augustana can equip students for music ministry, youth ministry, or ordination (which usually requires an additional degree). Students with this interest should look at Augustana's pre-seminary program. Such careers include:

    • Congregational leader: Priest/Pastor/Minister/Imam/Rabbi
    • Youth Director
    • Music Director
    • Camp Ministry
    • Campus Ministry
    • Mission work, domestically or overseas
    • Denominational administration

  • Academic paths

Love to learn? Go on to graduate school in religion, theology, or related disciplines such as psychology, sociology, history, women's and gender studies, ethics, ancient languages, and so forth.  Academic careers include:

    • University/college professor
    • Professional editor for academic journals, academic presses, or religiously affiliated presses
    • Independent author or researcher
    • Academic advisor to a non-governmental organization (NGO)
    • University/college administration

  • General interest students

    Dr. Zargar and Dr. Mahn

Religion is fascinating! Some students study it out of simple interest. The study of religion complements and contributes to a variety of interests:

    • Women's and Gender Studies
    • Medicine
    • Psychology
    • Literature
    • Music
    • Environmental Studies
    • Cross Cultural Studies
    • Foreign Languages