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Undergraduate Research

As a psychology major at Augustana, you will be immersed in learning how to read, analyze, apply, and conduct psychological research. You'll have many exciting opportunities to work closely with faculty and engage in original research. When you engage in research you

  • Apply skills learned in the classroom
  • Study topics from class in much more detail
  • Research topics that are of special interest to you
  • Develop skills needed for graduate school or the workforce
  • Become a competitive candidate for graduate school

As a psychology major, you have many opportunities to engage in research, including those below.

  • Work with collaboratively faculty  in their research labs.
  • Take Supervised Research (PSYC 382) where you will work as a member of a research team led by a faculty member to engage in original psychological research.  You will form a research question, conduct a literature review, collect data, analyze results, and present your findings.
  • Complete your Senior Inquiry in psychology. In this capstone experience, you will conduct your own original research from start to finish with the close mentorship of a faculty member.
  • Further your Senior Inquiry project by taking a Research Practicum (PSYC 481): This course allows students to advance their Senior Inquiry project by making changes to the original study and collecting additional data.  This course serves as a requirement for Honors in Psychology.
  • Present your research at regional and national conferences. Check out some recent student presentations and publications here.