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Mission & Goals

The mission of the Psychology Department in contributing to the education of Augustana students is
for all students who enroll in psychology courses:

Students presenting their research.
  • to foster an appreciation for the complexity and diversity of human behavior;
  • to provide an introduction to the data, methods, and theories of psychology;
  • to encourage critical evaluation of assumptions and evidence about behavior;
  • to encourage an appreciation for the interconnections between different fields of study, scientific knowledge, and the practical issues of human life;
  • and to model the ethics and practice of psychology in our interpersonal behavior and through participation in research and other professional activities.

 In addition, for students who major in psychology:

  • to foster an understanding of the major content areas of the field and their historical foundations;
  • to encourage facility with the investigative tools of the discipline, including the use of electronic databases and statistical software;
  • to develop the ability to acquire, evaluate, synthesize, and communicate information, as evidenced by, among other things, performance in a senior capstone research course;
  • to provide opportunities for students to practice and extend their knowledge of psychology outside the classroom, including research and applied settings;
  • and to prepare students for teaching, graduate study in psychology, and other professional education.

To achieve this mission, the Augustana Psychology Department created and uses a Skills-by-Level Approach in all psychology courses.  This means that in addition to learning the content of each course, you will be expected to develop certain skills identified as appropriate for the course level (i.e., 100, 200, 300, and 400 level classes).  Skills domains targeted include scientific literacy, critical thinking, data analysis and graphical literacy, applications, ethics, written communication, presentation skills, and APA writing style.