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Clinical Experiences & Internships

At Augustana College, you will have opportunities to further your learning through hands-on clinical experiences and internships.  You'll work side by side with professionals in the field to gain practical experience in the field of psychology. 

Clinical Experience (PSYC 490): You will be matched to a placement in the community where you'll spend at least 40 hours over the course of the term.  This invaluable experience links classroom learning to application in the real world, and allows students to test career plans.  Recent students have

  • coordinated activities with patients, shadowed behavioral and recreational therapists, and observed group therapy at a local mental health center
  • shadowed advocates working with victims seeking protective orders at the Scott County Courthouse, worked in the domestic violence shelter, answered calls to the domestic violence crisis hotline and helped callers with safety planning, and observed staff working with victims of sexual assault at a domestic violence agency
  • assisted teachers in working with children with special needs at an elementary school

Senior Inquiry - Community Consultation (PSYC 456/457): In this capstone experience, you will spend one term volunteering at a community agency and developing a question based on your experiences.  In the next term, you will review existing research and write a paper answering your question.  Examples of recent projects are below.

  • Working with a local recreational therapist, a student studied ways to encourage exercise among patients with cancer
  • Methods for improving math education for children with Down Syndrome was  investigated by a student working at Gigi's Playhouse
  • A student working at World Relief examined how communities address the mental health needs of refugees

Victim Advocacy (PSYC 230): Taught by staff at a local domestic violence shelter, this course begins to prepare students to be Level I Rape/Sexual Assault counselors through learning about the dynamics and impact of domestic violence.