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Students present poster, co-author paper

January  12, 2016

Ali Rabeh, left, Matthew Tuttle-Timm

Two research students working with Dr. Nathan Frank presented a poster, "Unbound Resonance of 26F," at the American Physical Society's Division of Nuclear Physics meeting in October 2015.

In addition, Dr. Frank and the students are co-authors on a recently published article, "Two-neutron sequential decay of 24O." 

The students are juniors Ali Rabeh and Matthew Tuttle-Timm.

Rabeh is majoring in applied mathematics and engineering physics. He is from Lexington, Va.

Tuttle-Timm, a native of Moline, Ill., is majoring in physics.

Dr. Franks is an associate professor in physics, specializing in nuclear physics and nuclear experimentation. He attended Michigan State University for PhD work where he performed experiments on the atomic nucleus at the National Superconducting Cyclotron Laboratory.

His current research program is a continuation of his graduate work. It involves undergraduate students in projects that range from new assembly and testing of new devices such as the Augustana-MSU hodoscope, simulation of experiments and data analysis.

He is the first author or co-author on 13 published papers, some of which have his undergraduate students as co-authors. In addition, his research students have presented their work at national conferences. This research is performed with other investigators in the MoNA Collaboration, which is made up of primarily undergraduate, liberal arts institutions. This work is supported by both Augustana and a grant from the National Science Foundation.