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450 Senior Project

Courses in Art History

166 Western Art: Medieval-Renaissance
361 Medieval Art: The Gothic Period
362 Fifteenth-Century Renaissance Art
363 Sixteenth-Century Renaissance Art

Courses in English

271 English Literature to 1660
350 Medieval Genre and Society
351 The English Literary Renaissance
352 Shakespeare: Comedies and Histories
353 Shakespeare: Tragedies and Later Plays
400 Seminar

Courses in French

340 Medieval French Literature
341 The French Renaissance

Courses in German

321 German Civilization to 1740
421 German-Language Literature from the Middle Ages to 1740

Courses in History

110 Europe: 200-1300
111 Europe: 1300-1700
310 The Crucible of Europe, 1000-1300
311 Renaissance and Reformation in Italy
312 Renaissance and Reformation in Northern Europe

Course in Latin

220/320 Medieval Latin Literature

Course in Music

301 Music History

Courses in Religion

335 Luther: Life, Thought and Legacy
361 Medieval Christianity in Art, Music and Architecture

Course in Scandinavian

313 Beginnings of Scandinavian Literature

Course in Spanish

330 Survey of Peninsular Spanish Literature I