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Medieval & Renaissance Studies

The minor in Medieval and Renaissance Studies is an interdisciplinary program designed for students who want an academic emphasis in study of the Middle Ages and/or Renaissance. Twenty-one credits are required.

The coordinator of the program is Dr. Joseph McDowell, (309) 794-7672, chair of English.

Students in Denkmann Memorial Building
The diversity of courses included in a Medieval & Renaissance Studies minor will take students to many corners of campus. Here, students enter the Denkmann Memorial Building.

Courses from many programs comprise this degree. Those may include:


  • Art History 166 (PP) Western Art: Medieval-Renaissance
  • Art History 361 (PP) Ancient Greek and Roman Art (3)


  • English 271 (PL) English Literature to 1660
  • English 350 Medieval Genre and Society
  • English 351 The English Literary Renaissance
  • English 352 (PH) Shakespeare: Comedies and Histories
  • English 353 (PH) Shakespeare: Tragedies and Later Plays
  • English 441-442 Senior Inquiry*


  • French 340 Medieval French Literature
  • French 341 The French Renaissance


  • German 401 (PL) Literature and Culture: The Middle Ages and the Rennaissance


  • History 110 (PP) Europe: 200-1300
  • History 111 (PP) Europe: 1300-1700
  • History 310 The Crucible of Europe, 1000-1300
  • History 311 Renaissance and Reformation in Italy
  • History 312 Renaissance and Reformation in Northern Europe


  • Latin 220/320 Medieval Latin Literature


  • Music 312 Music Styles and Literature I


  • Religion 335 (PP) Luther: Life, Thought and Legacy


  • Spanish 330 (PL) Survey of Peninsular Spanish Literature I


  • World Literature (PL possible)