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International Business

Beginning with fall term 2010, Augustana will offer a major in International Business. The major is a globally focused variation on a traditional Business major.

Degree requirements for the program are the same as for a Business major, but include three additional features:

  1. Completing an international internship
  2. Learning a foreign language
  3. Taking classes outside the business department that foster an appreciation for other cultures.
Augustana students  in vietnam
Augustana students and staff in front of a statue of Ho Chi Minh and the Ho Chi Minh City People's Committee Building in Vietnam during a 2009 trip led by Business professor Dr. Ann Ericson. (Photo by Nguyen Huy Son)
students in australia
Robbin Cooley, left, and Kate Fulginiti enjoy sushi at Darling Harbour in Sydney, Australia, in 2009. Robbin, whose interest was in sports management, was interning at Elixr Health Club. Kate's internship was in event planning at the Sydney Observatory. (Photo courtesy Kate Fulginiti)

International Business majors will participate in Senior Inquiry offered as part of the Business major. In Senior Inquiry, students engage in research and reflection through a capstone class in business strategy or business simulation, a one-on-one project with a faculty member, or an internship with a special research and reflection component.


Several members of the Business Department have experience in international academic study, research, teaching, programming for students, and professional work experience.

Four faculty from overseas bring insights into the classroom: Dr. Brock Dolar from Turkey, Ms. Mamata Marmé from India, Dr. Nadia Novotorova from Russia, and Dr. Lina Zhou from China.

Dr. Ann Ericson of the Business Department has experience developing and directing an international study program and sponsored the Vietnam term in the winter of 2009. She will participate in her third East Asia term in the fall term 2010.

Internships abroad

For the fourth year in 2010, Augustana, in partnership with CAPA International Education, will offer an Australian internship program. Thirty-one Augustana students will travel to Australia after on-campus preparation.

A pilot London internship program co-sponsored by CAPA was offered in the summer of 2009. The college also is evaluating a CAPA internship programs in Madrid and Beijing.

A student's Augie Choice money can be used to help pay for an international experience.

After graduation

Most companies do not hire recent graduates to fill overseas jobs. Employees first need to gain experience at the company and display the necessary aptitude and attitudes for an overseas position. The International Business degree identifies the student's potential for overseas positions.

Knowing a foreign language will open up employment opportunities and increase the likelihood of admission into graduate school, especially to those with an international focus. At some top international MBA programs, language proficiency is a graduation requirement.