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Why Augustana?

"I actually did way more than survive my first week of class: I had an absolute ball! I have had so much fun with my students already and they come to school excited. ... I feel very comfortable and confident in the classroom and I know that is because I had some of the best teachers to help me develop as a teacher myself." -- Julie Roy, 2009

Augustana has one of the best teacher education programs
in the Midwest. Here's why:

  • Students learn specialized skills through intensive study while building a strong background in the liberal arts and sciences.
  • Students are educated as independent thinkers with unique goals and concerns.
  • Club Ed members take part in workshops, presentations, social events, visit schools during field trips to Chicago, volunteer at local schools, and participate in child-oriented service projects.
  • Early classroom experiences are connected to methods courses and help our students understand the relationships between practice and theory.
  • The Education Department has close ties with local school districts, and the Quad-Cities area provides excellent clinical sites and resources.
  • Student teaching placements options include rural, urban, suburban, public, and parochial institutions. All student teaching placements take place in the Quad-City area and are closely supervised by faculty members.
  • Augustana graduates have a history of success in the classroom -- both in their teaching positions and in graduate schools. Annual department surveys show that graduates and the administrators who hire them agree that Augustana's education program is excellent preparation for success in the world of teaching.

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