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Longfellow School Partnership

Augustana College and the Rock Island School District have partnered to develop a new liberal arts program at Longfellow Elementary School.

 For Longfellow students this means:

  • becoming highly skilled communicators and problem solvers who think critically and creatively;
  • exploring the connections between and among various subject areas; and
  • developing a deeper understanding of their community, nation, and world while having access to the Augustana campus and facilities as an educational resource.

For Longfellow families this means:

  • participating as an important part of the of the Longfellow learning community; and
  • learning additional ways to be involved with your child’s education.

For Longfellow teachers and staff this means:

  • working with Augustana faculty to expand their understanding of “best teaching practices”; and  
  • utilizing the Augustana campus, departments and facilities as a learning resource and support for Longfellow students.

For Augustana College faculty and staff this means:

  • working closely with Longfellow teachers and students to expand the understanding of teaching practices; and
  • gaining new insights and experience applying their skills in a “real-world” setting.


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