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Licensure Only Students

Do you want to teach and already have your bachelor's degree? Then enroll in Augustana's education program to qualify for your teaching certificate! Start by choosing one of our programs. You'll complete its requirements but not the college's general education requirements. When you're done you will be ready to apply for your Professional Educator License (but with no additional academic credential).

The time needed to complete your program will depend on how close of a "fit" there is between your previous major and your teaching area. If you plan to teach in the area of your previous major (Math, for example) it may take up to two years or six trimesters to complete all of the coursework. If your previous major and your teaching areas are different (Social Work and History, for example) it will take about three years to finish. Elementary Education usually takes seven to eight trimesters. In all cases, a full-time term of student teaching is included and some terms may be less than full time.

Still interested? You would start with a term of non-Education courses such as Introduction to Psychology, American History, Government (these are required by Illinois for all teachers), and perhaps a course from your teaching subject. This not only fulfills some requirements but also establishes your Augustana GPA, which must be at least 3.0 to start the Education sequence. Your first Ed course is Educational Psychology & Measurement, which is offered Fall and Winter terms. So, if you start during Spring or Fall, you may take Ed Psych during your 2nd term.

If you have questions about our Education programs, please contact our administrative assistant, Susan Kramer ( or 309.794.7458). She can help with more details or refer you to the Education faculty member who specializes in advising for your teaching area.