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Our Students

Much is written - and spoken - about the small college as a warm and nurturing and supportive place. Which is true. Equally true and far less popular is the observation that a small college is a challenging place. Our classes are small, providing the opportunity for personal interaction with faculty and other students.

The department knows who our students are. We know how they work and what motivates them. This allows professors to challenge students at their own level and support them when they need it. This relationship between faculty and students creates a strong foundation for success.

That translates to a number of distinctions:

  • Every major engages in a supervised independent senior inquiry research experience
  • Most Communication Studies majors gain professional experience through internships, on-campus broadcast or web-design experience, involvement with professional groups such as the PRNetwork and Augustana Communication Organization projects
  • Our students regularly - with the help of alumni funding - present their research at the annual conventions of the National Communication Association and the Central States Communication Association
  • Our graduate school acceptance rate is 98% and virtually everyone has received an assistantship

No one story captures the whole range of what our students undertake.  As we hear from alums, we will post their stories to give you a better picture of what they -- and we -- are about.  Check our alumni page to see what our majors are doing out in the world.