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The Department of Communication Studies offers two majors:

Communication Studies

Our core major prepares you to understand how to communicate ethically and effectively. The classwork engages issues through close reading, original research and public presentation. The major begins with broad overview courses in relationships, politics and media, and finishes with a student-designed, faculty-guided capstone project. You choose the subject. You also choose whether to pursue a research project (great for the intellectually curious and grad school bound) or a civic engagement project where you apply your expertise to solve problems for a real client.

Multimedia Journalism and Mass Communication

With this major, you'll learn why journalism is important, how economics and new technologies (from YouTube and podcasts to texting and al Qaeda video streams) have forever changed it, and how to function successfully both as a consumer and professional creator of mass mediated messages. You'll begin by learning how to really watch the news and end with a rich, self-designed multimedia portfolio that shows potential employers you're ready for the future of journalism.

For more information, email or call Dr. Wendy Hilton-Morrow, (309) 794-7387.