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Degree Requirements

To complete a Communication Sciences and Disorders major, it is necessary to complete the following CSD courses and practicums (33 credits). Courses that satisfy an Augustana General Education requirement are noted in brackets [ ].

Coursework required (21 credits)

  • CSD 265 Phonetics
  • CSD 280 Speech and Language Development
  • CSD 367 Language Disorders [Learning Community with ENGL 307]
  • CSD 368 Speech Sound Disorders
  • CSD 375 Anatomy, Physiology, and Science of Speech
  • CSD 370 Audiology
  • CSD 380 Anatomy, Physiology, and Science of Hearing

One of three courses required (3 credits)

  • CSD 470 Senior Inquiry - Research Essay
  • CSD 480 Senior Inquiry - Applied Research
  • CSD 490 Senior Inquiry - Thesis

(or equivalent Senior Inquiry course completed in another discipline)

Two of four courses required (6 credits)

  • CSD 202 Communication: Components, Variations, and Disorders
  • CSD 376 Aural Rehabilitation
  • CSD 440 Special Topics in Communicative Disorders (may be taken two times if topics differ)
    • -01 Fluency Disorders
    • -02 Neurological and Organic Disorders

Internships required (3 credits)

  • CSD 304 Internship - Beginning
  • CSD 305 Internship - Intermediate
  • CSD 404 Internship – Advanced

Note: These courses require a student to have a minimum cumulative 3.0 GPA prior to enrolling.

Optional course

  • CSD 110 Sign Language

Supporting coursework required (21 credits)

  • PSYC 100 Introduction to Psychology [PS]
  • PSYC 216* Life Span Development
  • PSYC 240* Introduction to Statistics/Experimental Design [Q]
  • PSYC 420* Child Psychopathology
  • ENGL 307 Linguistics [LC with CSD 367]
  • BIOL Any course carrying a Biology prefix [PN]
  • ASTR/CHEM/GEOL/PHYS Any course carrying Astronomy, Chemistry, Geology, or Physics prefix [PN]

Admission to Internship

Admission to each of the three internship courses is granted only if a student has a minimum overall GPA of 3.0 at the time each course begins. Admission to internship is by written application submitted to the clinic director in the preceding term.

Clinical Coursework and Experiences

In addition to completing coursework in the major, each student becomes an active participant in the clinical program.

Sophomore Year: Students observe diagnostic and intervention sessions at the Augustana College Center for Speech, Language, and Hearing. Students also are encouraged to observe speech-language pathologists and audiologists in the community.

Junior & Senior Year: Students participate in supervised clinical practicums at the Center, working with clients who present with a variety of speech-language-hearing disorders. While students address the numerous challenges facing their clients, they are supervised closely by certified and licensed CSD faculty.