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Scholarships in Classics

Augustana offers scholarships for students with special high school achievement in Classics. The 2009 scholarships will be for $2,500 a year, renewable to include four years of study ($10,000).

Apply by February 1 for admission the following September.


Applicants must show a composite score of 26 or above on the ACT and rank in the upper 25% of their graduating class. Among students who meet those criteria,

1) Automatically eligible to apply are students who have scored Superior or Excellent on the Illinois Latin Tournament tests for Latin III, IV, or V.

2) Equally eligible to apply are students who will have completed (by high school graduation) at least two years of Latin and

a) Who submit a sample of their Classics work (e.g., imaginative, researched, or translated)

b) Whose Latin teacher sends a letter of reference about the larger academic promise of the student


1) Apply for admission via the Augustana Office of Admissions in the usual way.

2) Send the Classics Scholarship Eligibility Materials to the Department of Classics (address below).

These eligibility materials are:

1) Either a photocopy of one's notification of a Superior or Excellent score on the Illinois Latin Tournament tests for Latin III, IV, or V

2) Or the sample of Classics work and the Latin Teacher Letter of Reference. (Teachers, please send your letters directly to Emil Kramer at the department address below.)


Top applicants will be invited to the Augustana campus for interviews with professors of Classics and officials in Admissions. Notification of awards will come in accordance with the usual Admissions notification schedule.

Continuing Awards

1) Renewals are contingent on the usual requirements for scholarships at Augustana, notably the maintaining of a 3.2 grade point average.

2) In addition, they are contingent on the completion of at least one Classics course each year. (Classics courses numbered above 200 satisfy general graduation requirements for all students, whatever their major.)


Please mail Classics Scholarship Eligibility Materials to:

Augustana College
Department of Classics
639 - 38th Street
Rock Island, IL 61201

Please mail Augustana Admissions Forms to:

Augustana College
Office of Admissions
639 - 38th Street
Rock Island, IL 61201

For additional Classics information:

Classics Department phone: (309) 794-7240
Department Chair email (Emil Kramer):

For additional information about admission or to request admissions forms:

Admissions telephones: (800) 798-8100, (309) 794-7341