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Financial Information

Your regular financial assistance applies to your internship credits in fall, winter, and spring terms. During the summer term, Augustana does not offer financial assistance, except for student loans. Grants may be available through the Department of Business Administration or the Community Engagement Center.

Internship tuition is charged according to the number of credit hours earned. The summer internship tuition in 2012 was $750 per credit hour, the same cost per credit hour as on-campus summer courses.

Each internship site varies on compensation paid to the intern. Most sponsors pay a stipend or an hourly wage, while some provide free housing or meals. Other benefits include company clothing and transportation passes. The intern may be paid and also earn academic credit. The Department of Business Administration and the Community Engagement Center pursue grant funding to provide financial compensation to all interns. Most internships qualify for Augie Choice, a one-time payment of $2,000 to support your internship.

Do not be discouraged if your internship does not pay you a wage or salary. The value of the experience that you will receive from working in your future field will make the internship worth the time.