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Internship Expectations

Zach Buchel at his internship with FOX 18 (KLJB) in Davenport in 2013.

What to Expect

Companies that sponsor interns view them as important contributors to their missions. As an intern, you will be assigned daily responsibilities and long-term projects, and will attend managerial and professional meetings. You will have to put in long hours on some days, and be ready to find this work stressful at times. Employers expect their interns to be fully committed members of their work team.


When taken for academic credit, interns complete reflective and professional assignments. Current Augustana students may view the complete assignments for an internship in the Moodle course management system. During your orientation you will be given an introduction to the organization and discuss your responsibilities. Likewise, you will discuss the hopes and expectations that you have of your internship when you complete your learning contract.

Time Investment

For the full-time departmental internship, you work full-time, generally from 8:00 a.m. until 5:00 p.m., Monday through Friday. To obtain full-time academic credit, you must work at least 350 hours for the sponsoring company. Each intern is formally evaluated by an on-site supervisor. Likewise, the intern assesses her/his internship site.

For the part-time departmental internship, your number of weekly hours is based upon the number of credits earned. Each 35-40 hours spent on the internship is worth one credit hour.

Other Expectations

The company expects their interns to be enthusiastic about their work and have dedication to the job. Good attitude and hard work make an intern perfrom his/her tasks well and leave a great impression in the mind of the employer. Every intern should put forth their best effort every day, and it can take him/her a long way.