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Business Administration Internships

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All About Internships

One of the most beneficial aspects of the college experience is an internship. For business students, the internship is a very important part of the transition to the work place; businesses expect that students will gain professional experience during their college years. Internships provide insight into actual details of their chosen business-related field. Interns develop professional and personal skills through active experiential learning.

Receiving Credit

Internships can be completed during fall, winter, spring, and/or summer academic terms. Internships may be completed for 0-9 academic credits.  Some companies require that the student earn at least one academic credit during the internship. Some internships are not paid. The intern may be paid and obtain academic credit at the same time. Students and placements must be approved by the Department of Business Administration and the Dean of Students Office prior to the start of the internship when earning academic credit.

Full-time departmental business internships fulfill three business administration credits and up to six 300-level general education credits. Current Augustana students may view the assignments in the Moodle course management system. A maximum of nine internship credits may be counted towards graduation. All internship candidates must be approved by the Department of Business Administration.

Part-time internships are also available to juniors and seniors with declared majors in Business Administration. Students must intern in the greater Quad Cities area since the internship is completed in conjunction with classes taken on campus. Part-time interns earn zero to six academic credits. Current students may view the assignments for part-time internships in the Moodle course management system.

The Senior Inquiry internship is open to seniors as their capstone business class. The Senior Inquiry internship requires full-time internship hours plus a major research-based project for the internship sponsor.


Some companies provide compensation to their interns in the form of wages, salary, stipends, meals or housing. Augustana also offers grants and scholarships to help fund your internship. More information pertaing to funding can be found in the Funding Your Internship section. Not every company gives compensation to their interns, so be prepared to have to cover some of the expenses out of your own pocket.

A great program that most students qualify for is funding from Augie Choice. Through Augie Choice, a student can receive up to $2000 to help fund their internship, which can pay for gas, food, and other reasonable expenses incurred on the job. Students should feel free to try and use all $2000 that is available. More information about Augie Choice and the requirements needed for earning this funding are found on the Augie Choice link in this paragraph.

Why You Should Be an Intern

The Business Administration faculty highly recommends an academic-credit internship for each qualifying business student. For interns receiving academic credit, the intern is supervised by the Department of Business Administration as well as by the internship site supervisor.

Students may have departmental internship placements with any approved company, so you are free to explore any field that you are interested in. Placement locations range from the Quad Cities area, Chicagoland area, throughout the United States, and overseas. Being an intern is a fun and enriching experience that could be the factor in getting a job straight out of college.

While internships are a great way for you to discover the kind of career that you would like to go into, businesses also benefit by being able to look at prospective employees for future hire. If you work hard in your internship, the company that you are working for might be willing to offer you a job once you complete the internship. An internship could lead to a job offer immediately.

An internship can benefit you and the company you are working greatly, so even if you are not compensated for your effort, an internship is very worthwhile.