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Program Deadlines for 2015

Deadlines are firm. Inability to meet deadlines will mean dismissal from the program.

Start Working On Resume, Cover Letter, and Letters of Recommendation 
(Need recommendations from a professor in your major area
and a professional supervisor)
January 2014: Augie Plus Application (application for the chance to be
accepted into the program) along with your deposit is due
February 2014: International Office will notify of acceptance or declination
March 2014: "Authorization for Internship" form, which requires the
signature of your major acedemic advisor, is due
March 2014: Police background check is due ($16 processing fee;
checks made playable to Augustana College)
March 2014: Studio Abroad Application (application signifying your
intent for the program and other required forms) is due
April 2014: CAPA International Internship Application (application for
internship placement) is due
April 2104: If you choose to use Augie Choice for this program, turn in
application by this date