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Where we work

On-Campus Learning Facilities

The Biology Department is located in the Hanson Hall of Science, which includes classrooms, teaching laboratories, research laboratories, and faculty offices. The classrooms in Hanson are 'smart', that is equipped with internet-ready computers and audio/visual capabilities. Some classrooms include student responder technology. Students and faculty enjoy wireless access to the campus network and internet from any location in Hanson.

Students Do Science At Augustana

zoology lab

Lecture and lab-based experiences allow students to do what biologists do: science. In these settings students ask questions, develop experiments, collect data, analyze data, and present the results their experiments. Research activities are completed in the classroom, laboratory, and field.  See our Curriculum Overview for more details.

Augustana College Field Stations

student field work


Augustana owns and manages three field stations that are used for field-based classes and research for faculty and students.

Courses that utilize the resouces at field stations include Local Flora, General Ecology, and Research in Field Biology (a senior inquiry course).