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Madoff whistleblower to speak March 24

The whistleblower who tipped off the Securities & Exchange Commission about the Bernard Madoff fraud will visit with accounting students at Augustana College and give a public lecture March 24.

Harry Markopolos, whose book No One Would Listen: A True Financial Thriller details his nine-year effort to get the SEC to take action, will speak at 7 p.m. in Centennial Hall. He will sign copies of the book afterward in the lobby.

No One Would Listen was required reading for this year’s Accounting Ethics seminar. Students were required to write a synopsis of the book, but also were challenged to use their creative abilities and write a fable based on the characters of the book. When asked to select the best fable, Markpolos was delighted to comply. He will announce his selection during the public presentation, and the winning student will receive a prize.

The visit is sponsored by the Horstman Academic Ventures Fund, the Deere Education Foundation, the Institute for Leadership and Service, and the Blair Mills endowment. The Accounting Department thanks all the sponsors for the opportunity to make this event possible.

Augustana Accounting Speaker Series

Michael Reddington

The Accounting Department sponsored a second dinner event this academic year on Nov. 30. Michael Reddington from Wicklander-Zulawski & Associates demonstrated interviewing and interrogation techniques he utilizes based on a non-confrontational approach.

Specifically, he discussed:

• Verbal and non-verbal behavior that you can detect when someone is lying to you.

• Proper questions and tone to use in an interrogation.

• How to use your knowledge of accounting and audit techniques in a fraud investigation

Women's Careers in Accounting

The first dinner presentation this year focused on the special issues facing women in the accounting profession. Panelists included Connie Jones, Deere and Co.; Heather Longfellow, partner at Wolf/Tesar and Company; Vivian Stoeger, audit associate at CBIZ in Chicago; and Jessica Caywood, audit associate at Grant Thorton in Chicago. All four speakers are alumni of Augustana's accounting program. Jessica and Vivian are the second and third from the left, standing in the back row, in the photo below of 2007's graduating class.