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January 2011; Issue 3

The Journal of Augustana’s Accounting Department

January 2011; Issue 3

Accounting Certificate coming in fall 2011

Augustana will offer an Accounting Certificate program beginning in the fall of 2011 that offers more credits so that students can take their CPA exam after graduation. The faculty senate approved the program last October at the request of the Accounting faculty and students.

John Delaney, accounting professor, said a certificate program was proposed instead of a master's degree because the cost would be substantially less. Also, CPA firms polled by the department indicated that master's degrees are not required, and that Augustana students would be looked upon favorably if they did complete a certificate program. (more)

Where are they now?

In this issue of the Journal of the Accounting Department, we have updates from four alumni:

Barb Ruane (pictured at right with Professor Pam Druger) is in Washington, D.C., working as a financial analyst at the Center for Financial Research & Analysis. Ruane also contributed an article: What is the IASB? Who are the IASB? Why should you care?

Matt Pelton is an intern at the Governmental Accounting Standards Board and being featured by the NCAA.

Jeb Makula gives us an interesting "day in the life."

Jeffrey Davenport says his career is following the same pattern as the classes he took at Augustana.

Read their submissions here.

Why not share your story?

Send your article (up to 350 words) to letting us know what path your career has taken. If you have a digital photo to send, we will include it in one of the upcoming newsletters as well.

Accounting faculty

Notes from
the faculty

John Delaney on the
Accounting Certificate.

Pamela Druger on missing the graduates.

Janene Finley on Volunteer Income Tax Assistance and service learning.

Rob Faulkner: proud to be a member of Accounting. (more)

Whistleblower speaks March 24

The whistleblower who tipped off the Securities & Exchange Commission about the Bernard Madoff fraud will visit with accounting students at Augustana College and give a public lecture March 24.

Harry Markopolos, whose book No One Would Listen: A True Financial Thriller details his nine-year effort to get the SEC to take action, will speak at 7 p.m. in Centennial Hall. He will sign copies of the book afterward in the lobby. (more)

Fraud Investigation course added to curriculum

International Accounting Standards are new and must be addressed in the curriculum, but an age-old accounting problem — greed — also must be covered. To do that, the first ACCT451 Fraud Investigation class began in fall term 2010. One of the new electives offered by the Accounting Department, this course looks at a specialized topic in depth. (more)

Upcoming events

• Harry Markopolos March 24, 2011

• Golf Outing May 7, 2011

Accounting grad salaries slip

In NACE’s Summer 2010 Salary Survey, the overall starting salary offer to Class of 2010 bachelor’s degree graduates stood at $48,661 — down from an average of $49,307 the previous summer. Among the business disciplines, Accounting grads saw their average offer dip less than 1 percent year over year, to $48,691.

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