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Getting settled in Emmy Carlsson Evald Hall

After several decades of working out of second-floor Sorenson Hall, the accounting department has moved to the newly renovated third floor of Emmy Carlsson Evald Hall.

See a photo gallery of the new Evald Hall.

Five offices for the department open out into a suite named for the John Deere Foundation, in honor of the many years of support provided to the faculty and students of the program.The suite has a sitting area for students waiting to talk with faculty, an especially nice feature during the active pre-registration weeks.

The department's administrative assistant's office in room 316 is being used by work-study students from both accounting and business administration until the administrative assistant position is filled.
Assistant Professor John Delaney's office is 317. Dr. Delaney will be the chairperson of the department beginning in the 2009-10 winter term.

Professor Pamela Druger, retiring from the department chairperson position after eight years of service, is in room 318. Her first entrance into the office came during the renovation work, when all interior staircases in the building had been demolished. She climbed three floors of scaffolding and entered the third floor through what would become the northwest window of her office. She hopes that was the one and only time someone will use the window to enter the office.

Room 319 is the Mentoring Center, for which Dr. Robert Faulkner is the current director. The new curriculum emphasizes a reflective component to the major, and the center is at the heart of this activity. As students declare accounting as a major or minor, they meet with the director to talk through the decision and help plan for their future.

Room 320 is the office of our newest faculty member, Assistant Professor Janene Finley. Dr. Finley heads the VITA program and is currently pursuing a Master of Law in Taxation. She already holds a PhD in Business with a concentration in Tax Accounting.

Next time you are in the area, stop by our new accounting suite in Emmy Carlsson Evald Hall and we'll show you around.