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The Journal of Augustana’s Accounting Department

June 30, 2009; Issue 1

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We’re glad to introduce our first issue of the semi-annual newsletter for the Accounting Department at Augustana College. In each newsletter, we’d like a main feature to be stories about our alumni — something we can do only if you share your story with us.

Many alumni out there are asking “I wonder whatever happened to _______? Don’t be shy: Our readers want to know what you’ve been doing since graduating from Augie. Please send a brief article (up to 350 words) to letting us know what path your career has taken.

If you have a digital photo to send, we will include it in one of the upcoming newsletters as well.

It is great for our current students to see the variety of opportunities an Augustana accounting degree can offer.

Jay Mellentine ’99 of KPMG with Ryan Ricci ’10