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Fulbright timeline


  • Next year's competition opens
  • Attend an on-campus information session
  • Read materials provided on Fulbright website, begin thinking about country selection


  • Carefully check host country specifics and requirements (language requirement, length and timing of academic year; financial benefits, etc.).
  • Set up a meeting with Dr. Jeff Ratliff-Crain to discuss application.
  • Contact three potential references and secure their initial agreement. If applicable, contact foreign language evaluators (it may make sense to complete the language evaluation at the end of the spring semester rather than later in the summer).
  • When competition opens (early May), register on the Fulbright site to start your online application.
  • Write first drafts of personal statement and statement of grant purpose. When you have a firm first draft, contact Dr. Ratliff-Crain for feedback.



  • Talk with your references about their recommendation letters; be sure they have all of the materials they need to write you a compelling letter (copy of transcript, drafts of statements, etc.) They will need to both fill out the electronic form and provide a copy to you in a sealed envelope. Follow up with them as necessary to ensure they've submitted their letters. Make revisions to statements.
  • Sept. 25, 2014: At this time, the application, the language test (if applicable), transcript(s), and sealed letters of recommendation are due in a packet to Jeff Ratliff-Crain, 140 Founders Hall.

Late September/October

  • Participate in formal campus interview and language evaluation (if applicable)
  • Oct. 14, 2014: Submit all of your materials electronically by noon. Print a copy of your application for your records.
  • Mid-October: College submits your application to IIE Fulbright to meet national deadline.


  • National Screening Committee meetings to select candidates for recommendation to the host country and FSB


  • Results of National Screening Committee meetings emailed to applicants