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Entrepreneurial Center (EDGE)

The Entrepreneurial Center connects students with community organizations in need of communications, marketing and creative services, including web design. The students gain real experience to enhance their portfolios and résumés. Businesses and not-for-profit organizations gain a low-cost resource for their marketing needs.

Entrepreneurship at Augustana

Augustana is uniquely positioned to appeal to the sharp increase in market demand for entrepreneurial opportunities as part of a student's college experience. A combination of factors including the economic recession, increased news coverage of entrepreneurship, and a generation looking at the changing job market have all contributed to the importance of these offerings. Add to that the market focus on having demonstrable skills at graduation has made entrepreneurship more relevant. Read more...

The center helps students build professional portfolios. We connect students to projects that demonstrate their skills with real projects for businesses and organizations. Students also learn how to utilize their portfolios when interviewing for internships or jobs.

Not-for-Profit Organizations and Businesses
Under the oversight of our staff, students work on projects that you need. Some of the services offered are:

Electronic Media
Web Design
Social Media Management
Social Media Strategic Planning

Strategic Marketing Plans
Media Planning
Media Placement

Organizational Support
Membership Management
Conference Management

Public Relations
Media Relations / News Release Writing
Event Planning

Print design
Logo design

Center Director, Doug Tschopp at 309.794.7426 or

EDGE Center

We call it the “EDGE Center” which is short for Entrepreneurial Development through Guided Experiences.

For students that clear EDGE is that they gain valuable experience and build their portfolio to set themselves apart in their professional careers.

For organizations and businesses, the EDGE comes from working with students to develop quality communication, marketing and management assets.