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Medical Service Learning in Nicaragua is an annual summer program. Applications for the summer 2014 program will be available in November 2013.

Outcomes of service-learning

So, why would a student want to take a service-learning course? Isn't it a lot of work?

While it is true that service-learning requires that students spend time out of class working with community partners on a variety of projects, the benefits are well-established in three ways. First, we know from research that in these classes students are more motivated because they are applying what they are doing in a real world context. Because they are using their critical thinking and problem solving skills, they also are developing a deeper understanding of the material in the course and the society in which they live. The reflective component of service-learning enables students to link what they are studying with their experience in the community for more powerful insights.

The second reason service-learning is important is because it prepares students to be citizens. While graduating from a prestigious college comes with many benefits, it also comes with obligations. The best and brightest members of our society have a responsibility to attend to the needs of others. If we are to live a society that is fair and just, we must contribute to the well-being of others. Participating in a service-learning class sets a tone for the rest of a student's life. It reinforces the importance of civic engagement and a commitment to the common good.

Finally, participating in a service-learning experience gives students a competitive advantage. It shows employers and graduate schools that such students have done something more than take classes. Service-learning also enhances communication abilities. Often, students must learn to frame their messages so that they appropriate and understandable to someone who is much different than they. Such perspective is essential to success in our multicultural world.


Fall 2013

RELG 364   Prayer, Community & Transformation   Dr. Laura Hartman

Winter 2013-2014

COMM 454     SI: Civic Engagement       Dr. Ellen Hay
EDUC 450        School and Society      Dr. Mike Schroeder
EDUC 451    J.B. Young    Dr. Mike Schroeder
PSYCH 388    Serving Children Who are Homeless   Dr. Jayne Rose/Jessica Schultz

Spring 2014

ACCT 444    VITA Program    Dr. Janene Finley
EDUC 450    School and Society     Dr. Mike Schroeder
EDUC 451    J.B. Young       Dr. Mike Schroeder

Summer 2014

BIOL 390     Nicaragua Service Learning   Dr. Dara Wegman-Geedey

Other service opportunities

Davenport Volunteer Connection

Quad City United Way

Corporation for National and Community Service