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Service-learning Course Development Grants

The Service-Learning Grant provides an incentive for faculty members to develop a proposal for a "Service-Learning Designated Course."  This is a "rolling application," thus these grants are awarded throughout the year (i.e. there is no deadline).

A $500 award is given for each course that one or more faculty members design and have approved as an official "Service-Learning Designated Course." Half the award is distributed upon approval of the Service-Learning proposal by the Faculty Senate. The remaining $250 is distributed on the first day the course is taught.

Mike Schroeder, received grant awards for two courses. He taught EDUC 450, School and Society, last winter and spring terms with an associated service-learning component. EDUC 450 concentrates on the "learning by doing" philosophy on critical questions and issues. The students work closely with the teachers and students of JB Young Intermediate School in Davenport by applying the skills and knowledge learned throughout the course. JB Young teaches 6th-8th grade students; 82% of whom are from economically disadvantaged students. The second course, EDUC 451, is a service-learning experience that more profoundly applies the lessons and skills learned in 450 by providing a more intensive engagement in the school. Both courses are being offered again this academic year and, due to last year's success, the S-L experiences have been expanded to a second school, Smart Intermediate.

Janene Finley, awarded the Service-Learning grant for her 2010-2011 course of ACCT 444, Vital Seminar (a part of the Income Tax Learning Community). This L-C provides students with the chance to participate in the Augustana Volunteer Income Tax Assistance (VITA) program. The VITA program partners with the United Way of the Quad Cities Area to prepare tax refunds for qualifying individuals & families with low income. Since its inception in 2007, the VITA program has served more than 12,600 families, returning over $10,228,000 in refunds and saved families $620,000 in tax preparation fees in our community!

Laura Hartman and Jason Mahn are both being awarded for RELG 364 which was taught in Fall of 2011 (and again in Fall of 2012). The course, Prayer, Community, & Transformation, explores the forms of Christian life throughout history and how prayer and community have energized the search for justice and social action. This Learning Community involves consistent service in one of the various programs in the Keystone and Floreciente neighborhood, located east of campus. The goal of this engagement with the community is to give familiarity with cultural practices and the challenges that they may face, and to reflect on how the students' own assumptions about group identity change through interactions.

Mike Egan and Rick Jaeschke are the professors of a 1-credit, service-learning course, Jamaican Teaching (EDUC 263). This course is one part of a Learning Community. The second class is a 3-credit course, Songs of Freedom: Music, Politics, and Education in Jamaica. Approximately 20 students will have the opportunity to assist in the teaching at the Convent of Mercy "Alpha" School in Kingston, Jamaica. Alpha compound includes three distinct K-12 educational institutions. This service-learning LC will take place over Christmas Break 2012-2013.

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