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For Community Partners

Augustana students unloading food at the River Bend Food Bank in Moline, Ill.

How service-learning partnerships work

A good relationship with community partners is essential to a successful service-learning program. In many ways, the community partners are like another teacher. Not only do they guide the student experience and provide role models of professionals in the field, but they also assist students in reflecting upon that experience.

A service-learning course can have one community partner or many partners, depending upon how many students are in the class and what the community organizations need to accomplish. No matter how many students there are or what they do, it is important that the service fit the mission and goals of the organization.

In addition to providing students with service opportunities and supervising their work, community partners participate in the evaluation of the students and often attend final presentations or discussions featuring the work of the students.

The following resources provide more detailed information that may be of assistance.

Toolkit for Community Partners

Resources for Community Partners

Needs of the organization

If your organization would be interested in partnering with an Augustana class, please complete the following survey.

Organization name:
Contact person(s):
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What type(s) of service
might students provide to you?
How many student workers do you need?
When do you need students?
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