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Finalized May 2017
TIMOTHY BLOSER, Associate Professor (Philosophy)
B.A. Princeton; Ph.D., Stanford

The religion and philosophy departments offer a jointly-administered minor in ethics. The minor draws upon course offerings in both departments, giving students the opportunity to pursue an interdisciplinary study of ethics. The minor is open to all Augustana students. Requirements for completing the minor are listed below (for descriptions of these courses, please see the Religion and Philosophy course offerings).

MINOR IN ETHICS 21 credits, including the following:

• Core courses: either RELG-203 or RELG-203a; either PHIL-203 or PHIL-205; and PHIL-323

• Complementary courses: two of RELG-323, RELG-325, RELG-326, RELG-378, RELG-371, RELG-327; and one of PHIL-322, PHIL-331 or PHIL-325

• At least one additional course from those listed above.