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Finalized May 2017

MARY ELLEN BIGGIN, Associate Professor, Co-Chair
B.S., Clarke; Ph.D., Illinois

JOSÉ R. BOQUÍN, Assistant Professor
B.Phi, Ave Maria College of the Americas; Ph.D. Baylor University

SALLY BURGMEIER, Laboratory Coordinator and Instructor
B.S., Marycrest; M.S., Western Illinois

B.A., M.S., Ph.D., Illinois Institute of Technology

PATRICK A. CRAWFORD, Associate Professor, Co-Chair 
B.A., Hanover; Ph.D., Miami (Ohio)

GREGORY J. DOMSKI, Associate Professor
B.A., Augustana; Ph.D., Cornell

DELL JENSEN, Associate Professor
B.S., Nevada–Reno; Ph.D., Kentucky

TODD MILLER, Laboratory Coordinator and Assistant Professor
B.A., Dubuque; Ph.D., Iowa

PAMELA TROTTER, Professor, Robert W. Beart Chair in Chemistry
B.S., Pacific Lutheran; Ph.D., Harvard

AMANDA WILMSMEYER, Assistant Professor
B.S., Allegheny College; Ph.D., Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University

CHAD YUEN, Continuing Lecturer Assistant Professor
B.S., Ph.D., Iowa State

MAJOR IN CHEMISTRY. 37 credits beyond CHEM-121, including CHEM-200, CHEM-313, CHEM-362, CHEM-403, CHEM-411, CHEM-421 and CHEM-451 and one chosen from CHEM-454, CHEM-455 or CHEM-456. Students desiring an ACS-certified major must complete either CHEM-455 or CHEM-456.

Required supporting courses: PHYS-201, PHYS-202, PHYS-203 and MATH-221 or MATH-338. Recommended supporting courses: BIOL-210, MATH-230, MATH-329, COMP-211, CHEM-212, and PHYS-301.

MAJOR FOR CHEMISTRY EDUCATION. See the Director of Secondary Education and chair of the chemistry department for program requirements.

MINOR IN CHEMISTRY. 18 credits in chemistry beyond CHEM-121, including CHEM-200, PHYS-201, PHYS-202 and PHYS-203, and MATH-219.

Courses (CHEM)