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Academic Policies


Policy Oversight

Academic policies are set by the Augustana College faculty. The Committee on Advanced Standing and Degrees (AS&D) is responsible for overseeing academic policies and degree requirements set forth in the college catalog. The committee consists of a non-voting chair (Registrar), five faculty members elected every two years.

Statement of AS&D Procedure 

By providing numerous planning tools and opportunities for academic advising, the college makes every attempt to see that all students may graduate with a single major within four years. However, students may choose programs or opportunities that include additional requirements which may extend the degree beyond four years. The student assumes the responsibility for seeing that all requirements are complete regardless of the time required and agrees to pay all tuition and fees associated with those choices. The Committee on Advanced Standing & Degrees (AS&D) does not waive degree requirements, tuition or fees for participation in those programs.

Students who feel they have a rare and exceptional circumstance, may petition for a waiver. Waivers for degree requirements or academic policies must be made by the student in writing to the Office of the Registrar a minimum of two business days prior to a scheduled AS&D meeting. This deadline is typically the Thursday at noon of odd weeks (contact the Office of the Registrar for the meeting schedule.) Waivers are granted only in rare and exceptional circumstances. Petition forms are available from the Registrar's Office in Founders Hall. Students will be notified of the committee decision by email within one week of the meeting. Students requiring a printed and signed copy of the committee decision may request one from the Registrar. Written appeals may be made to the Dean of the College within 10 days of the date of the letter.