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Non-Discriminatory Policy

Finalized May 2017

Augustana College does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, gender identity, sexual orientation, religion, military service, gender expression, disability, or age in its educational programs and work environment.  Ms. Laura Ford is the College's Director of Human Resources and the Chief Title IX Coordinator .   Inquires regarding the Augustana College's non-discrimination policies should be directed to Ms. Ford, who can be reached at (309) 794-7452 or via email at   You may find additional information on the College's non-discrimination policies, including sex discrimination, by clicking on the following links:

Additional information on the college's nondiscrimination policies, including sex discrimination, is available here:

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Title IX


Accommodations for Students with Special Needs

Campus visitors requiring special accom­modations or assistance should contact the Office of Public Safety at (309) 794-7279. Enrolled students who require special accommodations should meet with the Dean of Students (Room 104, Founders Hall), preferably prior to enrollment. The dean chairs the Committee for Students with Special Needs, which establishes accommodations on campus, including building mod­­i­fications and curricular substitutions (i.e. foreign language and physical education substitution). The dean confers with students, faculty and staff to create appropriate and reasonable accommodations for students on a case-by-case basis.

A brochure entitled "Augustana College Building Access," available in the Dean of Students Office in Founders Hall, identifies the buildings with strobe lights, fire alarms, handicapped entrances and restrooms, Braille signage and fire refuges. The admissions office also has a wheelchair accessibility campus map available to the public. Students needing additional accommodations should confer with the Dean of Students regarding special needs and emergency evacuation procedures. When a student requiring accommodations makes a schedule change, he or she should contact the Dean of Students so the appropriate faculty can be notified.