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Center for the Study of Ethics Lecture Series

The Augustana Center for the Study of Ethics funds the Community Lecture Series 2009-2010 as a way of expressing appreciation for the support the college receives from the community.

The Community Lecture Series is made available without charge to area schools, churches, libraries, civic groups and other community organizations. Each participant has agreed to present his or her lecture up to four times to different groups and organizations. Participants do their own scheduling and should be contacted via email or at the phone number listed below to arrange a presentation.

Lectures and Presenters

Virtue, Character, and the Emotions: Timothy P. Bloser, assistant professor of philosophy, (309) 794-7269; email:

How Morals Can Be Objective without Being Factual: David K. Hill, Ph.D., professor of philosophy, (309) 794-7412; email:

Christians’ Responsibility to Their Jewish Neighbors: Overcoming Supersessionism: Jason Mahn, assistant professor of religion, (309) 794-7324; email:

The American Eugenics Movement: Precursor to the Holocaust: Arthur H. Pitz, adjunct professor of history, (309) 794-7465; email:

Paved with Good Intentions? How to Get the Best for Everyone from Short-Term Mission: Trips Dara L. Wegman-Geedey, professor of biology, (309) 794-3445; e-mail: