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Teagle Foundation Grants

The Teagle Foundation of New York has generously funded Augustana College for three different grants examining student learning and liberal education.

Our first Teagle grant was awarded in 2005 to study three areas of student development central to a quality education: writing, critical thinking and civic engagement. The grant was awarded to the schools in the MALLA consortium (the Midwestern Alliance for Learning in the Liberal Arts): Alma, Augustana, Gustavus Adoplus, Illinois Wesleyan, Luther and Wittenberg.   Over four years, we sought to determine how much our students grow in these areas, whether some educational approaches lead to greater student development than others, and how these areas of student growth interrelate.

Teagle awarded our second grant in 2008.  Titled "The Senior Capstone: Transformative Experiences in the Liberal Arts," this grant funds collaborative work between Augustana,  Allegheny, Washington College, and the College of Wooster as we study the impacts specific to the senior capstone experience: learning outcomes, process, required infrastructure, and opportunity costs.  Work on the grant began in 2009, and will conclude in 2012. 

Finally, in 2009 the MALLA consortium (joined by Washington & Jefferson College) was awarded a 4-year grant titled "Systematic Improvement in Student Learning" to explore how our understanding of faculty work enables or constrains our use of active, experiential learning strategies at our colleges.  Our central question for this grant is, "How can we re-imagine faculty work to allow us to better use high-impact practices in our courses?"  To answer this question, the consortium schools are developing pilot classes on our campuses for 2010-11 to examine both student learning outcomes and new faculty work configurations.